Nook - the brokerage that actually cares about your growth...and invests in it.


The only constant in life is change, and that's especially true in real estate. We're hoping you'll consider a change. One that will make you more money, save you time, and ultimately make you happier.  We hope you'll join us at Nook, where agents increase their production by an average of more than 230%

At Nook, we've intentionally built a brokerage that puts agents first, investing in their success, supporting their practices at every turn, and helping them stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive industry. We do this by helping agents build predictable, dependable and sustainable businesses through our five-layered performance platform, which gives you:

  • Free Automated Marketing

  • Architectural Leads & Partnerships

  • Simple Tools & Technology

  • Connected & Collaborative Culture

  • Accelerated Commission Plan

We've included more information below, and hope that you'll contact us today for a confidential conversation on how we can support your business growth. We can promise that joining Nook will be the best change, and decision, you'll ever make in your real estate career.


Free Automated Marketing

We said it before, but it bears repeating. At Nook, every listing gets a luxury marketing campaign – and the company pays for it. Our proven 10-step marketing process, Nook 360° Marketing, is administered and executed by Nook’s expert marketing team, so that you can focus on building more relationships and selling homes. Bottom line: Nook invests in your success by automating, and paying for, comprehensive, luxury-level marketing campaigns for every listing.


Architectural Leads and Partnerships

It’s so simple! Buyers use our proprietary search engine Search with Style® to get the curated architectural results they’re looking for. You easily match buyer leads with exactly the right homes and lifestyles that prospects are looking for. The result? More higher-converting leads for you. Strategic architectural partnerships like Nook’s co-branded collaboration with Curbed generates seller leads and creates the targeted exposure your clients will love.


Simple Tools and Technology

As an agent, your highest and best use is representing clients and making deals happen -- not spending time figuring out which tech platforms to utilize. Nook’s tech experts have identified and set up the best tech solutions for you, creating a true plug-and-play environment that frees you up to work efficiently, with less frustration and more earnings. Bottom line: As a Nook agent, you’ll feel more confident online and more efficient with your time.


Connected and Collaborative Culture

Sick of office politics and bureaucracy? We were, too. That’s why we built Nook with a flat structure. Every agent gets the same accelerated commission split, the same access to sales and technology coaching, the same cutting-edge resources and the same savvy leadership team supporting them every step of the way… all at the click of a button anytime, anywhere. Bottom line: At Nook, we’ve replaced office politics with a collaborative community of brokers, peers, and affiliates nationwide that work together to everyone’s advantage.


Accelerated Commissions

At Nook, your initial 80/20 commission split includes the region’s most comprehensive automated marketing -- on Nook’s dime -- for every listing. As your sales increase, your commission split increases (85/15 & 90/10) and continues to include free marketing for every listing. Nook also provides you with complimentary, constant lead generation to further drive your sales. Bottom line: The more you earn at Nook, the more you keep, and the Nook marketing and search engines stay fired up to ensure you sell more.